Where the American Diet Went Wrong, Why That Matters to You, and What You Can Do About It

It's All About the Food, Book Cover

It’s All About the Food, Book Cover

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If you have arrived on this page, you probably have an interest in your health. Really healthy now can mean living a quality life later. Sometimes we are willing to take a chance with our own health, but for our children, not so much.

Dang, we are busy people with jobs, kids playing every sport imaginable, kids who always seem to be sick with something, and colds/flu/miscellaneous afflictions of our very own.

We think everybody is sick, off and on. But in truth, really healthy people are rarely sick. And they don’t talk about it. How many Facebook posts say something like “Gosh, I feel so great today.”

Don’t be fooled. Frequent doctor visits and medications (including over the counter drugs) reflects a lack of health. Gaining weight slowly (or not so slowly) over time reflects a lack of health. At the core of health is your diet. And this is where we can all get into trouble.

Busy people are always looking for a cheap and easy way to get food in our family’s mouths. At home we tend to whip up the stuff that the food companies make so convenient for us busy folks. The temptation to “grab a bite” on the way to wherever you are going is enormous because it is so easy.

Commercial food manufacturers and fast food restaurants find us to be suckers, leading us down the cheap and easy garden path. If this is your diet and you or your kids aren’t’ sick yet, have faith.  It will happen eventually.

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My book, It’s All about the Food, tells you what a healthy diet looks like and explains in pretty simple terms why that’s important. Click here to read the reviews. Then buy the book and put it on top of your to-read stack.

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Pat Smith  

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